About One Happy Lesbian

Welcome and thank you for stopping by at OneHappyLesbian.com!

My name is Shiran, and I am a proud queer designer who started this store in 2018.

My mission for starting this store was to support the visibility of lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, queers, and women loving women from all around the world. In addition, I wish to celebrate women rights, feminism, and women empowerment.

I believe that the personal is political, and we should be proud to show the world our pride, unity, and strength.

I also believe that visibility is essential for tolerance and the acceptance of our community.

Therefore, OneHappyLesbian’s mission is to promote tolerance, and establish a sense of belonging for all women loving women, of all races, cultures, and backgrounds.

Our designs are made with love and passion. They are all original and hand printed, and you cannot find them in other stores.

If you wish to purchase a custom design for a special occcation, such as a shirt with your design or text of choice, contact us and we will gladly design it especially for you.

You are welcome to contact the store’s team anytime for any other questions or special design requests, at our contact page or E-mail us at team@onehappylesbian.com

Have a gay day!
Shiran, and One Happy Lesbian and All women Loving Women Team.

P.S. Our factory is based in California, and we ship worldwide! 😉